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    Can you tell me how to post pictures? I was able to copy and paste but that was a hassle! Is there something I’m missing?

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    Would it not have been better to go with the tried and true established forum models that everyone knows and is used to using rather than create this not-too-friendly one?

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    I like the type of forum where there is an ongoing topic with ongoing discussion, listed in order of date posted, with replies attached.

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    I signed up with Bluprint after seeing all the great options of exploring my creative 'wants'.  Bluprint has been a fantastic source of inspiration this past year with the incredible selection of classes and videos that have piqued my interests.  Initially it was a 'Win-Win' subscription with all the 'bells & whistles' options, but going forward I cannot live without it!  Since I'm an 'advanced beginner' there's too many classes that I can't pass up!!!  

    Thank you Bluprint for all your content!


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